World Environment Day

We have been taught about global warming and pollution since the time we were in school, and enough times for it to be engraved in our minds. One does not need to think hard before beginning to blurt out what a threat it poses to our survival.

Countless people are trying to spread awareness about it. Awareness is crucial when you want to bring about change. The government must make the necessary policy changes to bring about significant change. But the government only creates, or modifies, their policies based on what the masses demand. If you are reading this right now, I take for granted that you must know already enough about global warming and how much an actual threat it is to our survival, or in other words, the reason behind our extinction.

This awareness we all possess is utterly useless if we choose to do nothing about it. We are ‘aware’ that the world is heating up. We are ‘aware’ that the industries we deem to be so irreplaceable, are the leading cause of global pollution. And again, we are ‘aware’ that the combustion of fossil fuels, which can so easily be replaced with other alternatives, remains one of the leading causes of pollution.

Time and again, some of us will rally in our soft, concerned voices on our instagram stories to shut down those industries, or calls for the government to make more stringent rules, and to enforce them properly.

What we choose to ignore is that those industries run because of the huge demand that WE put on it. What we choose to ignore is that the last time the world changed by posting on Instagram stories was never. And what we choose to forget is that knowledge…is useless unless put to use.

This World Environment Day is the day we all can do our small bit, together as a community, and make an actual difference that sends out a message to the whole world. This World Environment Day, let us bring about life in this world, which has taken care of us even when we haven’t.

This post is a call for action to the whole world out there, to You who is reading this right now. Plant a tree today. Let it be a small plant. Let it be one leaf that you give life to. But plant something. Let them be your voice of concern. Let them demonstrate how much you care for the environment

Let us on this World Environment Day take a moment to face what we try our best to avoid; the harsh reality of how much we really give back to our Mother Earth.

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