Where are the ‘stars’?

What will be your answer if I ask you what do you see in the sky at night? Probably all of you will answer for the moon and stars. But think of the last time you gazed stars. Long time!!!! Not because you were busy, but the reason is that stars have started disappearing. 

Sounds fake?? By the way, we ourselves are the reason why fewer stars and astronomical objects are visible from Earth. 

Are we losing connection with the sky?? 

There was a time when planets near to Earth, constellations, and even the Milky Way was visible. However, our business focus on rapid growth, industrialization came up with advancement, and we created “Light Pollution.” Yes, you got that right… Light Pollution. 

When we look at the satellite image of Paris or Hong Kong at night, it seems like an electric circuit. That means too much unwanted light. That’s where the overabundance of light, i.e.,‘Photo Pollution’ arises. 

Now the conditions are so changed that people think, that’s what the sky is supposed to be and nothing had happened. While some who know about it take it merely as an astronomical problem. 

This pollution doesn’t cause cancer neither asthma; hence we are not aware of it. But let me warn you that ‘Light Pollution’ is more dangerous than you think. 

According to experts, it took thousands of years for Earth to establish its day-night ecosystem. So, nights are dark because they need to be because of some cause. Some life forms need darkness for their existence like bats, moths, zooplankton, etc. 

Also, we think that hectic schedules, workloads, etc. cause a lack of sleep and stress. Believe me, that’s not complete reason, it is due to the unwanted human-made light at night time(sometimes referred to as trespassing of light) that disturbs the natural light from the universe. 

The light from the interior or exterior of buildings, bridges, monuments, industries, advertisements, etc. is the primary cause. 

As per research sky-glow or glow above the city is increasing 6% every year, which is a matter of concern. 

 If we look carefully, the increase in unwanted light is another form of energy wastage, and we say that the world is under an energy crisis. 

Some ‘Dark sky movements’ were started to solve this problem. Architecture can also help in resolving the issue.

Diane Turnshek, an astronomer and Dark-sky defender, provides a solution to deal with light pollution that by changing light systems of the city, especially street lights, we will be able to save energy and pollution. 

People are less aware of light pollution, so educational information regarding this need to be spread. 

Light pollution needs to be taken seriously so as to conserve the natural photic habitat of the planet. Or one day, it might be threatening to the planet. 


  • Over 9.8 million birds die every year due to light pollution. 
  • More than 50% of the world’s population resides in cities, contributing to light pollution. 
  • During a 1994 blackout, L.A. residents called 911 when they saw the Milky Way for the first time. 

This article is a copy of the original post by the author on https://medium.com/@gaurshubham09/where-are-the-stars-6e9ae8dc7dd2

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