The Billion Dollar Gesture

“Aristotle once said that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

So, how to educate the heart?   Is there any language that the soul understands?

The answer to all these questions begins with another question, “What makes you happy when you see an infant or a baby?

Now, I was hoping you could hold your answers and check them as we move forward.

It’s a human tendency that if we find a task unproductive, we stop doing it, and of course, that’s the right decision. But how do we decide the importance of any job? Most decisions that we come across in our everyday life are irrational and are a reflection of our needs.

In this developing era, with the hope of reaching extremities and becoming supernatural, we have lost some of the easy-natural powers that are essential to support one’s life. I call them easy natural abilities as they are gifted to us by nature, and they do not require many efforts for utilization.

Now, one such easy-natural power and the answer to all the above questions is nothing else but a “Beautiful Smile.”  Yes, you are right, it is the Smile of a baby that makes you happy when you look at it, without any verbal communication. And the Smile is the only language that the heart understands.    

Remember that last time you smiled; a few minutes back? Right now? Is it hard to remember, or you feel like you never smile? If you are not smiling, my dear friend, you need to learn a lot more to survive.

So, what’s the reason that you don’t smile anymore? Let us look at some of the general answers. Adults don’t smile because they think it sounds childish, or others may laugh on them. Others say that it’s because they have a terrible smile. While some say that it is due to the work-load, hectic schedule, stress, etc.

So, what happens if I don’t smile?

It is said that “Smile is contagious,” And I believe that frown too. That means the way Smile spreads from one face to another, displeasure, or anger also spreads and makes others unhappy. Nobody wants to be miserable, so they avoid unhappy people.

Smile also means greeting, that is when you smile at someone; it gives them a signal that you are happy to see them. A non-smiling face means disapproval, and disapprovals add to your work and make them a burden. 

Not smiling decreases your positivity, which in turn affects your productivity. I have had discussions with a lot of people from different places, and one of the reasons people believe in hating someone is their face might sound funny, but yes, it is. One’s face tells a lot about one’s personality and state of mind. So, when you welcome people with a frown face, they think you are full of depressions and would infect them too.

Some of you might ignore it, but if you are not smiling, it is affecting your mental health in one way or another. Look at the pictures of leaders and other successful personalities, the one thing that you will find in common is Smile, because Smile attracts people.

So, what to do? Just smile, and the whole world would be yours….

Smile Affects Physical and Mental Health                                                                                                                               

These days you might find some groups of senior citizens, laughing loudly on each other. They say that it reduces blood pressure and keeps the heart safe. But you don’t need to do all that, all you need is to smile and leave the rest on Smile. It will lower your blood pressure, and not only that, smiling generates neuro-signals that secrete hormones like dopamine that are responsible for making us happy and relaxed. All it costs is just a smile.


We all are very much concerned about how we will look to others, and we do a lot of work on our appearance. But more often, we forget that our facial expressions are our first apparel. A smiling face always looks young. According to Dale Carnegie, “The expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.”

Social Well-being

One of my friends, in our school days, used to have bonded with all the security guards, teachers, and students. I always wanted to know how he does it all. One day, out of curiosity, I asked him how he can make a bond with everyone. “We don’t have any bond; I have not even shared a sentence with some of them,” he said. I wondered. The next morning, on the way to class, I note that the office boy smiled at him and he smiled back. That’s it. There I realized the unsung language of this bond. Yes, it’s Smile. After that day, there have been multiple cases where I have observed this power of Smile.

When you smile to someone, it goes like a greeting, and the other person feels like you are welcoming them. So, why not use this power, make more friends, and live a socially healthy life.

It is known that heart comes before the brain, and Smile directly goes to the heart. So, if nature has given you something so powerful that it can make your life better, then why not use it.


What are you waiting for?


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