Are we really “health” aware?

Most of us undoubtedly would ceaselessly go on telling the definition of health, how health is wealth and that it has three components; physical, mental and social wellbeing. But many of us might lack the “awareness” requisite to strike the right balance between the parts and provide an edge to our lifestyle. For instance, exercising keeps our physical health in check. However, exercising with your brain tuned to “I am doing this to get that” statement will subside the positive effects as a lot of stress hormones will be secreted in your body. This is where the awareness factor comes in. Our body is made up of 60% water. So we need to hydrate ourselves like a “boss”, and not knowing what dehydration can do to our body accounts for lack of awareness too. To truly achieve physical fitness, one must also ensure proper sanitation of his or her surrounding. Walk out of misconceptions because illness can befall anyone, anywhere among other necessary factors.

Having dawned upon with a realisation of the being aware, mental health also demands it significantly. 

I am a part of different social groups, and there is one thing prevalent in all of them; casually suicidal thoughts. One time I was sitting in my chemistry lecture with my friend, and he suddenly blurted,” I would instead jump out of the window than attend this stupid class”. Another time I was at my grandmas’ place and overheard a lady jokingly say,” If I kill myself, I’ll escape from living in such a polluted world”. And while scrolling through social media, I actually found a heartbroken person telling that if he kills himself, he’ll overcome the pain of separation.

What made suicide such a casual thing to make sport of? It is ironical how seemingly mentally sound people roam about speaking of dying every now and then. This made me ponder that if all these people were “aware” about tackling wrong thoughts, we would have lesser anxious and depressed people. Being aware is undemanding! Just get relaxed and go on reading ahead;

What would you do if you feel gloomy, sometimes even without reason?

Go out and watch the sunset or the night sky or anything that you feel is immensely beautiful. Studies show that you feel more connected to yourself this way.

Experiencing loud thoughts in your head that are stressing you out?

Eat your favourite chocolate, and take a trip down your memory lane. Studies show that nostalgia combats anxiety and chocolate reduces stress.

Do you want to genuinely help your depressed pal?

You must avoid saying things like,” You have nothing to be depressed” or “You just have it in your head, you are simply overreacting” or “I know how you feel” because this sounds insensitive and unsympathetic.

This isn’t all, and obviously, if none of these works we ought to see a doctor. But if we all assimilate earnestly, we might turn the grey picture people see a colourful one.

If we genuinely want to lessen our aversion for an interactive and supportive community, I believe we need to “try”. We need to “try” to not get uncomfortable and retract into our shells when we come across someone mentally unhealthy. We can “try” to stop oversharing online and undersharing in real life and reach out to people. We should “try” to accept that despair and hopelessness are a part of human experience too.

We can do all of this, can’t we? But before I wrap up, here is an ultimate, concluding tip: if situations become severe, just stop, inhale, exhale and wave your arms in the air like you just don’t care.


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