Marriage = CONSENT ?

Marital rape is an act of sexual intercourse or abuse against one’s spouse without his/her consent. And it’s not very surprising that even in 2020, marital rape is no offense. It still is an untouched topic to discuss openly. Many people do not realize the depth of marital rape. And most of the people in India is unknown to the concept of marital rape. But it gets ridiculous when even the victims of marital rape do not realize they are getting raped.

      Marital rape is a sensitive issue and Indians could not always differentiate when the thin line between consensual sex and rape is blurred. ‘Consent’ is the word that many Indians turn a deaf ear to. Might be because of the patriarchy of the society or lack of sex education or worse, terrible in handling rejections. And just like most of the rape cases go unreported, marital rape cases are no different.

      In the case of wives, they are forced to live with the mentality that an Indian wife has to take care of her husband’s and family’s needs. That is not only her job but her Dharma. And many of the wives believe and go by this mentality to please their families. And if a wife speaks up about not wanting to have sex, the husband reacts intensely by either forcing her into sex or beating her up, leading to domestic violence. This is the case in many rural areas, and in urban areas, the pressure is mental, invisible but present.

      A famous standup comedian, Daniel Fernandez, once said, “Just because she said ‘I do’ does not mean you never have to ask again.” And this applies to the husbands too who are victims of this cruel act. Marriage works on the support of both spouses. Neither can work out alone to the path of a successful relationship. Marital rape has to stop.

     About time, we let the burden of the societal pressures about being perfect off our chests. The victims have to raise their voice. Against their spouses, their own families and snatch their right back as a human.

Content Credits : Aditi Roy Choudhury


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