Donation Drives

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

~ Winston Churchill

Blood Donation

“Every Donor Is A Saviour.” A very successful Blood Donation Camp  was organized by KRITASH in association with HDFC and Govt. Medical College and  Hospital on 18 November 2017. All the members including faculty, staff and students volunteered for the noble cause.

Cloth Donation

“ Every effort, big or small, made towards the betterment of the society is a step towards nation building. This republic day, let’s pledge to be better citizens of India and give back to society in whatever way we can.” 
 Prof. Manoj Singh Gaur

KRITASH, The social welfare wing of the institute organized a cloth donation drive for the underprivileged residing around the campus.

Slippers and Socks Donation

The Club started with the motto of educating society.  But while working on this we realized that there is something more important to be  solved first. One day some members noted that some of the children of construction  workers were moving bare feet in winters. So, with the idea of providing them help, the  club came up by donating slippers and socks to those children. 

Donation for Flood Affected areas

On 9 August 2018, Kerala was struck by a  devastating flood, which resulted in a huge loss of life and property. Noticing the  condition of the state, the club came up with the idea to contribute to the relief fund. We  came up with a fund of 23920 INR.  

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