Fun Saptah

Kritash organized ‘Fun Saptah’ for the newly come Under Graduates. Three activities were organized for the Freshers.
First one was ‘Tell A Tale’ which was an interesting team building activity where students had to make up a story on a random topic. Each member had to add a sentence on the spot to continue the story with a tinge of creativity and humor. It enhanced student interaction and helped them to know how to synergize and complete the task together. Also this activity tell the students to be open to all kind of situations our team is put in and be ready to ‘make a way out of it together.’

Second was PIC-ed UP in which 11 groups of 4 members each were made and 2 pictures from each were taken before the activity. One photo of everyone was send to all so that they can be a bit familiar to all. After that during the program, team has to guess as much names as possible in a given time. It was a fun activity Due this, students started recognizing each other more. Moreover, through this activity, participants were able to ‘put a face to the name’ during this pandemic.

And Finally, there was Handikon. For this activity, groups of 5 students were made and they had to make a figure or pattern using the hands and form a collage, Here is some creative Handikon pics for you.

The collage is a representation of engineering life. Summation of 1/x is an harmonic series which converges to 0 as x tends to infinity whose sum can never be found. In the small engineering experience we had till now, we have learnt that the only thing we know for sure is that we can never know everything. However the life moves on in harmony, just like our pattern.

We have included animes in our collage to make it more attractive and to give it a theme. We have also added two different backgrounds to make it shine in our eyes!!….

LGBTQ, Here we are representing today’s reality where this community is filling colours in the sad black and white lives of these people. This Community is constantly working to make people accept them.

Triangles in a triangle(which is having an arm). It represents our life which is a loop in a loop.

😍 emoji Spread love Love is in the air It is the strongest feeling in this world, be it of a couple be it of a family. Zindagi ki ek ahem cheez h pyaar Jo kro tum from your family, person and yaar

It is the “Symbol of peace” or known internationally as the “peace symbol” or “peace sign”, or alternatively as the nuclear disarmament symbol, originates as a symbol representing the threat of nuclear annihilation used in British anti-nuclear activism from 1958. It was widely adopted in the American anti-war movement  in the 1960s and was re-interpreted as generically representing world peace.

All the teams brought creativity and a message to everyone’s notice. Supporting LGBTQ, filling world with peace, a life lesson and spreading love in the whole world.
This complete week brought all the students closer and helped making a better friend circle encouraging different skills and spreading awareness.

Let's Create Hope : )