Theme: Teaching the Right Way

Schools and other educational institutions have been a part of our life since time immemorial, existing in several forms throughout history. Most of us go through life without questioning the whole structure of education or on what basis do we classify a person as being “Educated”. Everyone has different views on the manner an individual must be imparted knowledge. This is your platform to let your writer’s hand flow and write about what you think is the right way of teaching. It can be the way a teacher teaches in a classroom, the whole structure on which our education system is built.
Open the wings of your mind, and feel free .


FirstMekhala Ganguly
SecondRithika Vinod Rao
ThirdAvnish Pandey
FourthDeep Vasan
FifthS Sathyapriya Darshini
Aayushmaan Joshi

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